Quick facts about me..

  • I love to travel.. my favourite place has to be Greece.
  • I think i’m the only person in the UK that doesn’t like roast dinners or pie!
  • I take part in a lot of sport, including Golf, Football and Rock Climbing.
  • My favourite lesson when I was a kid was woodwork.. I made an awesome mechanical windmill!
  • I love eating out.. although don’t ask me what my favourite food is.. I can’t decide between Mexican or Chinese.
  • Nights out with Friends and Family are great!

As a photographer..

I’m Gary Derbridge, I am 25 years old and I love working as a wedding photographer! It allows me to travel around the world, and photograph beautiful places and beautiful people! Is there a better job out there?

I have been a professional wedding photographer for coming up to 8 years, and I have been honoured to win National Awards for my wedding photographs. This was really cool as it was the first time I have ever appeared in the newspaper! Fair enough, it was only the Southend Echo but everyone has to start somewhere?

Since starting I have photographed over 300 weddings, right across the UK and internationally. I always aim to capture memories from a wedding day that are unfortunately going to out live you and I… but that’s pretty special isn’t it?


Wedding photography in Essex